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Factory 4 - Fitness Club and more



Factory 4, your go-to for group classes in Luxembourg. We offer an unparalleled fitness experience with our extensive selection of classes, featuring 80 sessions par semaine. Par ailleurs, Factory 4 est un club premium Les Mills. Vous retrouverez donc des cours Les Mills parmi les cours proposés chaque semaine. Découvrez comment nos cours variés et stimulants peuvent transformer votre routine d'entraînement.

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A plethora of choices for every preference

Factory 4 stands out for the diversity of its group classes, tailored to all fitness levels. Choose from our specialised categories, including:

Body Pump

Body Pump

Strengthen and sculpt your body with our complete weight training course.



Immerse yourself in intensity with classes such as Body Combat, Body Attack or Spinning for an explosive cardio workout.

Fléxibilité et équilibre

Flexibility and balance

Enhance your flexibility and mental equilibrium through classes such as Body Balance, Yoga and Pilates.

Cross Training

Cross Training

Develop your overall strength with classes like Circuit Training.



Allow yourself to be swept up in the rhythm of music and dance with classes such as Dance and Body Jam.


Combat sports

Our Boxing, Muay Thai or even Krav Maga classes allow you to push your limits.

And much more...

Our extensive selection includes a wide range of options to satisfy all fitness preferences.

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Sessions led by experts

At Factory 4, each group class is conducted by certified and dedicated instructors. Their proficiency ensures a motivating and safe environment, guiding you towards tangible results.

Do not hesitate to become a member of Factory 4 and take advantage of our group classes in Luxembourg. Transform your training routine, achieve your fitness goals and become the best version of yourself. Secure your place today and embark on an exciting journey towards a healthier and more energetic life.