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Factory 4 - Fitness Club and more

Personal coaching
in Luxembourg

a program
adapted to your needs

Factory 4 offers a personalised coaching service, designed to meet a variety of specific needs. Whether you are looking for weight loss, muscle strengthening, physical preparation for sports competitions, cardio training, postural correction, rehabilitation or simply energising stretching sessions, our team of experienced coaches is here to guide you.

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Flexible sessions and customised duration

Our personalised coaching sessions are flexible, with durations of 30, 45 or 60 minutes, to accommodate your busy schedule. Each session is carefully planned to optimise your endeavours and achieve your fitness objectives. Our approach guarantees total personalisation, aligning the training program with your goals and current physical condition.

Expertise in various coaching areas

Factory 4 excels in different areas of coaching, going beyond just physical training. We specialise in weight loss, functional training designed to strengthen muscles, joints, and tendons, physical preparation for competitions and sporting events, and last but not least, cardiovascular training. Furthermore, our dedicated coaches are skilled in postural correction, rehabilitation, and muscle strengthening.

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A personalised program guided by experts

Every bespoke training program is crafted by our seasoned coaches, using their expertise to facilitate the attainment of your objectives in an efficient and secure manner. With Factory 4, you gain from tailored supervision, where each session represents progress towards your individual fitness success.

By choosing a personalised coaching service at Factory 4, you make a strategic and impactful investment in your well-being. Our coaches are there to guide you every step of the way, making your fitness journey a unique and personalised experience. Join us now to start your journey to a better version of yourself.